Cooligans Podcast Ep 115 America Is On Fire w/ DJ Step (FULL AUDIO)

Cooligans Podcast Ep 115 America Is On Fire w/ DJ Step (FULL AUDIO)

Cooligans Podcast Ep 115 America Is On Fire w/ DJ Step

The US did not qualify for the World Cup 2018 in Russia. This is our immediate reaction to not making the World Cup. Whose fault was it?
Was it Jurgen Klinsmann? Bruce Arena? Sunil Gulati? Summer 2018 will not be very lit in America. It’s a shame this happened on what was otherwise a very fun episode as we are joined by DJ Step, who is the Chicago Fire DJ and music director. We have a great talk about the effect of music on soccer matches. Step is one of the homies and is one of the good people doing great work to make soccer in America a memorable experience on match day.

So what now? How do we recover from this soccer tragedy. This is not just devastating for the US, but it’s very bad for the world. America has a lot of financial ties to the rest of the world when it comes to soccer and if the USA is not there, it’s going to be a real problem. We talk about what those might be.

Segment 1: The USMNT is playing Trinidad & Tobago in the final match of the Hex so let’s book the flight to Russia!

Segment 2: Interview with DJ Step of Chicago Fire (@Callme_Step)

Segment 3: WTF HAPPENED?

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