FIFA World Cup 2018. Saransk

FIFA World Cup 2018. Saransk

Saransk – a town in the eastern part of Central Russia, the capital of the Republic of Mordovia. Located on both sides of the river Insar (Volga basin), 642 km (in a straight line – 500 km) south-east of Moscow. The area of ​​the city – 81.478 km².

Saransk – administrative center of the city district Saransk. The urban population of the district, of which besides the city of Saransk includes 16 more settlements, 337 219 people. (2016).

The city is divided into three city districts:

In addition, there is an informal division into 4 main residential areas: Center, Khimmash, Svetotehstroy and Southwest.
The airport has an international status. Ongoing regular flights to Moscow, Kazan, Samara, Sochi, St. Petersburg, as well as in Crimea.
Public transport buses, trolley buses, minibus and taxi.

Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts. S. Erzya;
Mordovian Republican Joint Local History Museum;
Museum of military and labor heroism, 1941-1945 .;
International Friendship Museum;
Museum of Mordovian culture;
Museum AI Polezhaeva; and etc.

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